agnetic Car Sun Shade UV Protection Car Curtain Car Window Sunshade

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Magnetic Car Sun Shade UV Protection Car Curtain Car Window Sunshade Side Window Mesh Sun Visor Summer Protection Window Film



1. Suitable for vehicles of all models.

2, blocking the strong ultraviolet radiation of the summer sun, but does not hinder your view, does not affect your view of the beautiful scenery outside the car.

3, anytime, anywhere, you can install and collect as you wish.

4, effectively block heat, maintain the balance of air conditioning inside the car, reduce the fuel consumption caused by air conditioning.

5, only take a minute to install, disassemble, no tools, super strong flexibility.

Product use: Car sunshade light shield, home sunshade, as long as it is glass or can be used to suck the suction cup, it is very convenient to carry!

Product introduction: This hanging curtain type is a multi-function type, which can be used as a side block, and can also be used for front and rear gears. It is very convenient and very practical!

2 Types Positions for Choosing: Front window / a rear window

Size: as picture

Application: Car Window

Occasion: Casual, Travel, Outdoor, etc

Material: black mesh

Installation method: Magnetic

Package :

1 x Car Sunshade